The Big Red video scoreboard is the newest edition to historic Hackley Stadium.  After a lot of hard work and planning the completion of the board came to fruition in late August 2015.  The board has been a huge high lite to the excitement of Friday night football at Hackley Stadium.  It has the ability to show case individual players, statics, and it also is has been used to thank the many of you who have been so helpful in this project. The board also has been used for advertising, and other celebratory events.  It can do almost anything that you can imagine.  It also has included a new public address system, along with the ability to play music during warm ups and periods of down time.

The Foundation Board is still looking for donations to help with the final costs of this wonderful edition to Hackley Stadiums history.  If you are willing to help, please click on donate and you can make a pledge on our secure fund raising site.  And please mention this to your friends and ask them to help in this matter as well.  Without people like you, this video board would never have happened  Thank you all so much!

A big thank you goes out to Athletic Foundation President Terri Clock and Secretary Carrie Ernvall-Chase who worked feverishly to make sure the video board  was up and running, and still over see it's function at every event.

 scoreboard pic