Big Red Athletic Foundation


Numerous individualshave been instrumental in the success of the organization over the years. Today, a mix of old and new leadership is carrying on the work of the organization’s founders. 

The Big Red Athletic Foundation was formed in 1980 by Carol Potter, Brad Hart, and former Athletic Director, Larry Harp. Dozens of teachers, administrators, former athletes and followers of Big Red sports have insured that survival and growth of the Foundation’s since that time. Each has contributed to our mission.

Members who have served the Foundation in various special capacities during the first quarter century include: Bob Page, Gar Fredricks, Ray Carlson, Anne Moore, Bob Ludwig, Eilene and Charles Nelson, Barb Wenk, James Cronan, Bob Hill, Duane VandenHeuvel, Don Fairfield, Tootie Rodgerson, Kim Stegall, Julie and Matt Kisosondi, Lynn Giles, T.L. Lowe, Charlie Taylor, as well as former Athletic Directors Tom McShannock, Dave Heckaman, Steve Hoffman, Mike Watson, Terri Clock and Keith Guy. We applaud their efforts, as well as the work done by their spouses and family members, who often labored behind the scenes at many Foundation meetings, fundraisers and gatherings.

In 2007, Christopher Ernvall (Class of 1986) took over the reigns of the organization from departing president Lynn Giles. With his untimely death, Brad Young (Class of 1972) was named president in 2009.  Current president is Terri Clock.