Belasco Electric
    David B. Kortering Law Office

    Platinum $1,000+
    Jack & Julie Timmer Class of 1957 & 1958
    Kenneth J. Woodring
    In Memory of Christopher J. Ernvall Class of 1986
    Clock Funeral Home
    Marv & Susan (Achterhoff) Vander Weg Class of 1968
    In Memory of Howard DeYoung Class of 1939
    John UsmialÂC/O 1967Â& Barbara (Irwin) Usmial C/O 1965
    Dr. H. Al Mell & Karen
    Ted, Barb & Jeff Olsen
    Carol, Jim & Caitlin Cronan
    Tim, Marian & Emily Michalski
    John Workman In Memory of Harold & Ruth Workman
    Marsha Dorais Green (1966) & Brian Dorais (1971) In memory of Fenton & Margaret Dorais
    Pulaski Lodge
    Ed & Pat Schroeder In Honor of 800 wins!!
    David & Mary Griesbach In Memory of Gerald G. Griesbach
    John & Nancy Mahoney
    David & Karen Young Class of 1968
    Muskegon High School Class of 1957

    Gold $500 - $999
    Class of 1948
    Steven Blanchard C/O 68 and Jerry Kelly
    In Memory of Margaret Christophersen
    David and Barbara Gienapp Class of 1966
    Bill & Carol Cross
    Edward & Laurie Hoisington Jr. Class of 1974
    Bill Paulson In Memory of Harvey L. Paulson Facalty at MHS 1921 - 1959
    Community Shores Bank
    Jim and Evy DeVries Class of 1968
    Steve Hoffman Scholarship Fund
    Port City Youth Club
    Jerald Collins Class of 1965

    Silver $250 - $499
    Linda Beam-Morse
    Ed & Elaine Groszowski
    Randy & Deb (Vanderplow) Knapp Class of 1972
    Jeffery, Kim & Rachel Burr
    Bob & Carolyn Raymond
    Bill & Brenda Bouwman Class of 1967
    MHS Class of 1975

    Bronze $20 - $249
    Roger Gienapp
    Heath Stark
    Ron Fuller Class of 1958
    JoAnn Karn
    Janet Olsen
    Fred Simmons
    Matt & Ann Graves
    Darren Rogers
    John & Barb Bronsema
    Lee Murphy
    Necia Black Class of 1958
    Jerry & Carol Herendeen Class of 1958
    Margaret (Nixon) Holton Class of 1958
    David Dillard
    Ellouise Hieftje
    Steve & Barb Schiller
    In Memory Of Bob Green Class of 1961
    Judy Benham Weinstein in Memory of her father, Guy Maxwell "Max" Benham
    William Phinney
    Charles & Darlene Monroe
    Tony Cuti
    James & Jacqueline Fisher in Memory of Ed Fugate
    Ed & Pat Schroeder In Loving Memory of Dorothy & Roger "Chev"ÂChiaverini
    Jeanne Devette
    Manuel Adame
    William & June Vandonkelaar
    Gayle Amstutz
    Dan Meier
    Bill & Arlene Akker
    James W. DeVries
    Jason Ruud
    Renee Robertson
    Byron & Judy Turnquist
    Mr. Edwin Groszowski
    Dean Vanderwalle
    Marv & Carolyn (Crawford) Reinertson In Memory of Charles & Margaret Crawford
    Ann Gorter In Memory Of John E. Christophersen
    Chris Schoonbeck Class of 1968
    Doris Herlein Class of 1963
    In Memory of The Herlein Women
    Grace Klemp Herlein Class of 1928
    Vivian Herlein Rademaker Class of 1948
    Peggy Herlein Ludwing Class of 1958
    Nancy Ruth Herlein Class of 1959
    Lowell Schiller
    Bitbarker Media
    Deb Vanderplow Class of 1972
    Port City Federal Credit Union
    Gordon Dahigren
    Sharon Dillard
    Don & Harold Husted In Memory of Fran & Everett Husted
    Ronald & Linda Mann
    Dave Gienapp
    Mary Hill Class of 1952
    Bill and June VanDonklaar
    Joseph Gradisher in Memory of Eddie Gradisher


    Pledge Cards
    Colin Armstrong
    Florence Extrom
    Mark Hegedus
    Charles Kelly
    Harry and Marilyn Voss

    Chris Ernvall Memorial Fund
    EMC Welding and Fabrication
    Fredericks Company
    Jarter Productions
    Kent Beverage
    MI Licensed Beverage Association
    Larry Bluhm and Morgan Stanley
    Paul Bros. Blueberries, Inc.
    Sunset Golf League
    Westwind Golf Course, Inc.

    Jon Anderson
    Art and Cindy Backstrom
    Jim and Yvonne Bird
    Dale and Pat Bogner
    Lovie and Maly Boone-Weatherspoon
    John and Barb Bronsema
    Ralph and Kathy Burr
    Todd and Carrie Carlson
    Mike Chidester
    Jerry Cox
    Greg and Diane Cross
    Karen Curcio
    Mark and Barb Dahlke
    Don and Susan DeLong
    Bob and Sharon Dillard
    Dr. Tim Dillivan
    Richard Drzewicki
    Kent and Judy Eistedt
    Phil and Mary Ernvall
    Mark and Cathy Everett
    Fred and Darlene Field
    Virgina Frucci
    Dave Gerling
    Dave and Rhoda Glavich
    Larry and Lona Grennell
    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grerencer
    Dorothy Hansen
    Chris and Jerry Hashley
    Bill and Deb Hicks
    Jackie Hilt
    Steve and Margaret Hoffman
    JoAnne and Bob Hommes
    Rick and Mollie Hudson
    Bob and Donna Hundersmarck
    Mick and Pat Huston
    Dick and Doris Isley
    Mike and Joanie Jados
    John and Cindy Jurkas
    Julie Jurkas
    Denise Kanaar
    Scott Knowlton
    Tim Korpal II
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kosheba
    Ken and Cathey Krannitz
    Mike and Gayle Kreifeldt
    Norm and Mary  Kruse
    William Kruzona
    Mike and Becky Kuznar
    Lois Lange
    Ken and Jeanine Lawry
    Bob and Margie  Leverence
    Ray Mazurkiewicz
    Mike and Linda McPhall
    Robert  Medendorp
    Al and Karen Mell
    Larry and Tonya Mitchell
    Don Murray
    Marsh Muskovin
    Eilene Nelson
    Michael and Sharon Nelson
    Mike and Kathy Norkus
    Dave and Marilyn Nygren
    Betty Ohs
    Denny and Karen O'Toole
    John and Beth Padilla
    Garry and Marcia Pease
    John and Ingrid Pietsch
    Lewis and Connie Pluger-Chambers
    Roy and Britta Portenga
    Ellen Prowant
    Jerry Rackiewicz
    Norm and Judy Rathburn
    George and Vikki Rawson
    Mick and Nancy Ribecky
    John and Kelly Ribesky
    Ton and Char Richardson
    MaryBeth Robbins
    Jim and Marianne Rogers
    Barb Ryan
    John Saxe Family
    Beverly Scheerer
    Steve and Sue Schuitema
    Louie and Marie Schultz
    Pat and Patti Shafer
    Rosemary Sleak and Ruth Ruby
    Otto and Althea Smith
    Rose Strait
    Norlyn Sweet
    Dan and Fran Thielbar
    Jack and Julie Timmer
    Bill and June VanDonkelaar
    John and Cindy VanVeelen
    Steve and Tammy Warmington
    Pat and Garland Wells
    Dan and Sherry White
    John and Peggy Whitlock
    Dick Wiegand and Bettylu
    Pam Witherell
    Bonnie Witt
    Thelma Wolf
    Jo Wood